Random project

  • Date: July 2004
  • Type: web
  • Client: EuroVOX student organization


27.06.2006 Sooo popular :)

Since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to be popular, and it seems that now I'm about to get my 15 minutes of fame :)

Well, with the launch of the new website, looks like I am (thru the website) getting very popular; in fact, people seem to love the new website so much, that some of them decided to borrow it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's see our contestants:

  1. Luandao This website looks absolutely gorgeous, nothing but good words about it...if you pay attention to details(doohhh), you will see that it even has the same clients as we do :), it's unbelievable. The top background seems to be missing, and the post-it too, but, the menus are all there, the clients are there, there's even a banner, wooow, and a copyright notice, too. They seem to be some kind of "Eat Healthy EXpert advice" company, according to the footer notice, hmmm. Well if you want to have a chance of winning the big prize, i would suggest you take my advice, and change at least the top graphic and the welcome message, i'm not sure how "healthy" a cracker and a cup of coffee could be :)
  2. JP Micro Well this website seem to be aiming to gettin' the big prize. They really took the time to change the graphics to a nicer color, they redesigned the buttons, and all the below header graphics and titles, they even went thru the effort of creating pages...now they sure come across like they mean business, don't they? Unfortunately, they weren't too creative with the news section, they left our copy in there, and that's how they got busted! :D My guess is, that JP Micro, designed this inhouse, or payed a freelancer to clone our website, but give it a personal touch, by changing colors and stuff...

At this point, I don't know if we should be angry at them for ripping off our website, or grateful that we achieved such a great level of experience, creativity and popularity, that some people think they just can't do better, and would just settle for the "first looser" award.

Thumbs up for all you rippers out there, your moms are probably so proud of how well you turned out :)

For those who wonder how these got busted, you should go and try Copyscape, punch in your URL, and pray to GOD that you don't get any results :D. (of course, this wiil work only for people who don't even take their time and develop new copy, for their "new" website)

You should also keep an eye on your refferals in your stats software, for those who leave links in.

Happy busting, y'all !

PS: We are going to send a mail to these people, and I'm sure everything will clear up, and the reply mail (if any) will surely sound like: "We are sooo sorry for this, it's a terrible, terrible misunderstanding, we weren't even aware of this, thank you so much for opening our eyes to this, we will surely sue that nasty freelancer (or fire our designer)" :D

06.04.2006 Spine - A fresh look

Spine has just launched the new website. We're proud to present you with the new concept; it took a while until we got it live, but we think you are going to like it ;-)

As you can see, we're not very good with words, so we will just let our works speak for us. If you like what we do, please, feel free to contact us, and we'll be more than glad to do business with you.

Enjoy the ride!