SEO Projects

  • CLIENT: SC Land Romania SRL
  • FIELD: Wrought iron manufacturing

Casa Fierului Forjat is a workshop of wrought iron manufacturing; when they contacted us, the website was already online for some time, but had very few visitors, and even fewer of those turned out to be interested customers.

Given the fact that the website had a flash main page, and a html version, the optimization process needed to be focused on the HTML portion of the website. We had to make some changes to the code, and structure it to target the keywords/phrases that were most searched for in this field.

The competition for the main keyword fier forjat was very tough, but the site managed to get on the first page of GOOGLE, and to stay there! Also, top positions were achieved for many adjacent terms like: consultanta fier forjat, restaurari fier forjat, servicii fier forjat, produse fier forjat, sfesnice fier forjat, paturi fier forjat, copertine fier forjat.

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